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Erosion and Sediment Control

BMP Installation and Maintenance

Unfortunately, many SWPPP implementations are ineffective at protecting the environment and represent a significant waste of money. Poorly conceived Erosion and Sediment  Controls, or Best Management Practices (BMPs), and even poorer installation techniques combine to create only the illusion of compliance—an illusion that can be quickly shattered by a regulatory compliance officer. At B Wise we ensure competent BMPs that are effective and cost efficient.

Often times the wrong BMP is used in the wrong application.  Maintaining the standard practice isn't always the right approach for every site.  In addition, we’ve found that BMPs requiring lots of maintenance are responsible for the lackluster compliance that results from annoyance and frustration over ineffective and inefficient methods. When maintenance costs are tallied (and they’re usually not) such BMPs typically cost more over the length of the project.  BMPs that are in constant need of maintenance, are often the source of violations.


Good SWPPP implementations start with good BMPs and a commitment to innovation, as well as to compliance. We believe it’s important to stay on top of the latest techniques and methods — and the projects we serve reflect that belief.   We apply innovation to solving SWPPP compliance problems.  See below for some of the innovative BMPs we offer exclusively.

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