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About Us

B Wise Environmental was founded in 2005, with a vision of providing a high level of customer service in an industry driven by regulatory compliance.  The ultimate goal of the regulations behind construction stormwater compliance is environmental protection.  B Wise uses a practical approach to meeting regulations and protecting the environment by building lasting relationships with our clients.  We strive to provide a high level of compliance while keeping costs down using a common sense approach.  We will be your partner in keeping your sites compliant and establishing a positive working relationship with the regulatory community, so that we all achieve the ultimate goal of protecting our watersheds for future generations.

Our Mission is to find Practical Solutions to Complex Challenges


Cost Efficiency

Risk Management

We hire certified specialists to ensure that compliance with TPDES regulations is a certain on every job site. It is simple, cost-effective insurance that limits exposure to potentially devastating fines. All of our inspectors are CESSWI or CISEC certified through industry-recognized certification programs. We are diligent about staying up to date with regulation changes at the federal, state, and local level to ensure compliance at all times.

We stay up to date on the latest methods and materials allowing us to provide the most cost-effective best management practices. By utilizing innovative, first rate erosion and sediment controls and applying common sense to their practical application and ongoing maintenance, we can raise compliance levels while being cost-efficient.

Ensuring CPESC certified SWPPP developers, CESSWI/CISEC certified inspectors and applying diligent focus on our responsibilities for stormwater quality during construction activity gives us the ability to achieve higher levels of compliance and ensure that these obligations are not overlooked. Through continued education and constant communication between inspectors, site managers, and regulatory officials we provide the highest level of compliance at each of our sites from start to finish. 

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