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Erosion Eels

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Erosion Eels are a highly effective sediment control measure that can be used as a perimeter control, check dam or diversion berm. An Erosion Eel is a sediment tube filled with shredded recycled tire material. They are approximately 9.5″ in diameter and come in 10′ long sections. They weigh approximately 120 lbs, so no need to stake them in or anchor them down with sand/gravel bags. However, they can be stacked in a pyramid format and staked in with T posts in areas of high flow, for a less invasive substitution for rock berms or rock check dams. They are an excellent replacement for triangular filter dikes due to their sturdy construction, or as a perimeter control where silt fence or straw wattle installation isn’t feasible. They are designed with high strength handles so they can be easily moved throughout a construction site as site conditions change, and reused on multiple sites. For more information on Erosion Eels and their many functions, please feel free to contact us.

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