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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Article Written by Construction Tech Review, July 20, 2021

The construction industry is prone to frequent delays, disruptions, and regulatory fines. One of the major reasons for this is stormwater contamination at construction sites that results in unnecessary soil erosion and flooding. An excess of such contamination can degrade the biological habitat of the nearby streams as the eroded soil or water can pick up trash, debris, and pollutants such as sediment, oil and grease, pesticides, and other toxins—all of which can cause safety hazards. Moreover, it can also destabilize construction sites and warrant regulatory penalties and project delays. To control erosion at a construction site, contractors and site developers need to understand the factors that influence erosion and implement effective controls to minimize the negative impact of contamination. They need the help of experts who can guide them to make informed decisions and achieve fruitful project results.

Addressing this need is Georgetown, TX-based B Wise Environmental Consulting. A value-centric services and consulting company, B Wise brings to the table effective stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) and Best Management Practices (BMPs). With its in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience handling stormwater issues, the company guides its clients to adopt efficient sediment and erosion controls and good housekeeping practices that tackle stormwater pollution. “We work closely with contractors and developers and take actions proactively to develop SWPPP. This enables them to focus on completing their projects on time and achieve goals quickly and cost- effectively,” says Brandi Stark, President and CEO of B Wise.

The biggest challenge in managing stormwater issues is to ensure the contaminants not only stay within the site premises but are also neutralized faster. Each site is governed by different natural factors, such as soil type, slope, vegetative cover, among others. A one size fits all approach to SWPPP fails to deliver expected results.

During its initial interactions, B Wise analyzes the site conditions and collaborates with the clients to share the feedback, develop an action plan based on a variety of factors, and keep the site workable so that no time is lost.

“We invest sufficient time on consulting with clients so that they are able to save time and money,” says Brandi. Instead of only delivering reports and walking away, the company takes pride in getting the boots on the ground, updating the clients with the inspection report, and building relationships. Team B Wise not only helps clients understand the reason behind failed erosion controls but also provides cost-effective and practical solutions. From BMPs designed to a standard of 99 percent erosion control effectiveness to concrete washout systems that recycle waste liquids and solids, B Wise takes an innovative approach to solving SWPPP compliance problems. The company also carries out weekly site inspections and reporting to ensure that they maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulations throughout the construction process.

B Wise is proud of its workforce. The company’s field inspectors have extensive expertise, experience, and certifications that allow them to bring quality ideas to solve problems comprehensively. Not to mention all inspectors have a construction background that gives them an upper hand in understanding underlying problems for stormwater related issues. While the inspectors work directly with project managers on the client-side, they crosscheck the validity of their recommendations with their comrades to deliver highly efficient solutions.” The humility, teamwork, and talent that the inspectors bring is second to none in the market.

With the continued growth in construction, B Wise aims to expand geographically and continue to grow in Central and South Central Texas, establish itself as the leader in this domain, expand its services, create more jobs, and work with new and existing contractors.

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